Good Stock Sites References

I'm too is a newbie on Stock Market Investing. We need guidance from the experts and several educational sites.

I've found below list a good reference and educational material. There are other good materials out there also not listed here at the moment.

PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange)
This the main organization in the Philippines responsible for stocks exchange. 
This is main index you can see as PSEi. 

Very comprehensive site with plenty of educational materials not only related to stock market but to financial as a whole. They have also financial calculators and tools.

Smart Pinoy Investor
A blog that features a lot of insights about stock market investing, tips, tricks, stock picks and more.

Pinoy Money Talk
PMT is a blog and a discussion forum about business and wide variety area in terms of finances. They also provide stocks tips and picks.

Pinoy Investor
At a glance it is like a stocks portal with several benefits offered to its members. Dozens of tools offered in their stocks portal.

Daily PIK
I just recently seen this site and it shows great stuff education specially for stock investing. They have stock picks, stock market, dividends, guides, etc.

Here's more in the list we need to look further in details. They provide quick stock peaks and latest news,




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