How to Invest in Philippine Stock Market

How to Invest in Philippine Stock Market

What's nice of the Filipino is that, they are fond of augmenting income through sidelines or anything small business that generate additional income to the family.

We'll.. there are several from sari-sari stores, to franchises, to paper investments like bank, bonds, mutual funds and my favorite.. stocks.

Let me cut short the topic to Stock Investing

I can talk on the basics and the how to start. This is based on my actual experience. I'm now a happy conservative but boring investor. You have to be boring.. Turtle always wins!

Without much talk, let's get started. 

All you need is

1. Find a good broker - in my case I used COL Financial formerly Citisec Online
2. Find a good bank which offer faster transaction and convenient also as far as yourself and your broker is concerned. Usually brokers partners with banks - in my case I used BPI bank
3. The most important part to make your investment grow, find a best financial advisor, I read there are several in the Philippines but my personal best is - TrulyRichClub by BO Sanchez

Open an account with COL Financial

1. Choose your account
Choose your account type :
COL Starter (minimum 5k investment)
COL Plus (minimum 25 investment)
COL Premium (minimum 1M investment)

2. Fill out the necessary forms. You can download these forms from COL website.

3. Prepare additional requirements, valid ID's and proof of billing. You can mail these forms via local couriers to the address indicated in COL website. In my case I sent it through LBC.

4. Fund your account through a bank. I recommend using BPI. You can make deposit anytime, anywhere through their ATM machines.

Before diving in, please go ahead and read more information indicated in the education materials by COL.

Choosing a Bank

COL have two recommended banks, one is BDO and second is BPI. In my case, i used BPI since it's very convenient in depositing account anytime, anywhere, 24/7 in their ATM machines. That's pretty awesome!

Details on how to open an account is outlined in my page here or you can visit directly directly to their website for additional information.

Funding your COL account

You need to make a deposit to your BPI account so you can fund your COL account. You can deposit over the counter or as stated above you can deposit to BPI ATM machines then wire transfer from your BPI account to your COL account using the BPI Express. By the way you need to enroll first that you're availing of online banking services of BPI. Don't worry, it's totally free.

BPI sample deposit slip if you opt to go over the counter.

Now that you already deposited an amount to your BPI account, you then can start funding your COL account by going to BPI express online service. You need to register first to avail of BPI banking services.

That's it. Next is to buy some stocks..but what are best stocks to buy? In this case we need help from the experts. I personally suggest for you to subscribe to Bo's Truly Rich Club. Aside from time to time stocks update, you will also grow spiritually through his e-books, audio books and talks. I'm a happy member since two years ago

*Note that the author is no way or another affiliated to any of these mentioned entities. 
**Before jumping to any investment, be sure what your are into, there is always risk! Read or educate yourself first before diving in.


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