Drinking Coffee: The after effect

If you're like me who started a morning with coffee.. here's an after effect. If you drink coffee to get rid from sleepiness, we'll.. it won't affect fast.. not after some few more minutes or hours after.

Here's a dramatic changes that happened to your body after drinking coffee:

10 Minutes:

The coffeine enter your bloodstream.
Your heart rate and blood pressure start to rise.

20 Minutes:

You start to feel more alert and focused.
You find it easier to make informed decisions and handle problems.
In addition, the caffeine can help you feel less tired by connecting to your brain's adenosine receptors.

30 Minutes:

Your body starts to produce more adrenaline.
This can lead to sharper vision because your pupils dilate slightly.

40 Minutes:

The level of serotonin in your blood begins to rise.
This improves the functioning of the motor neurons which in their turn, increase muscle strength.

4 Hours:

Coffee can increase the rate at which your cells release energy. When this happens, your body starts to break down fats, even if you don't move.
Caffeine also stimulates the increases the production of stomach acids.

6 Hours:

The caffeine in coffee cause a diuretic effect.
Apart from water, your body also loses some essential vitamins and minerals. This can lead to slight disorders of calcium metabolism.

So, if you wonder why you're still sleepy after drinking coffee, wait until past 30 minutes!



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